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Peacemaker boss James Gunn says a real eagle was initially cast as Eagly in the HBO Max series, but the eagle “didn’t seem too pleased about it.”
John Cena’s Christopher Smith may have a friendly onscreen relationship with his beloved pet and sidekick Eagly in Peacemaker, but things didn’t work out as easily behind the scenes when a real eagle was initially cast to play the role.
Series creator James Gunn responded to a comment on Twitter asking if Peacemaker‘s crew tried to use a real eagle on set. Gunn confirmed they did, but that “the eagle didn’t seem too pleased about it.” As Gunn “didn’t want to upset the poor thing” the switch was made to a CGI version created by studio Weta Digital.
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We did. But the eagle didn’t seem too pleased about it & I didn’t want to upset the poor thing (it was even less friendly than Eagly). So far I’ve found it’s mostly dogs & rats who ENJOY acting. Side note: Eagly is voiced by @deebradleybaker, who also voiced Sebastian the rat. https://t.co/fQozCY1p0Z
Gunn also confirmed that his brother Sean Gunn — who did the motion capture for Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy films and Weasel in The Suicide Squad — did not do the same for Eagly. “I’m not even sure how that would work,” Gunn said. Moreover, the CGI eagle is voiced by none other than Dee Bradley Baker, who previously voiced Ratcatcher II’s pet rat Sebastian in The Suicide Squad.
Both James Gunn and John Cena have spoken on how Eagly “steals the show” in Peacemaker. “He’s Peacemaker’s pet eagle and he’s Peacemaker’s best friend,” Cena explained at an event prior to the release of the show. “As a dowel with some green tape on it, Eagly stole the show.” Gunn confirmed this was the case and said he even warned some of the Peacemaker actors that Eagly would out-shine them. “I’m like, ‘You were great in that scene, Jen [Jennifer Holland]. You were amazing, but unfortunately you’re in the scene with Eagly, so he’s the one that people are going to be talking about in that scene,” Gunn joked.
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Gunn confirmed that the creation of Eagly for Peacemaker was inspired by the real-life story of Freedom the eagle. Freedom became a therapy animal for Jeff Guidry, a volunteer at a wildlife shelter, after he was diagnosed with cancer. Guidry explained how after learning his cancer was in remission, Freedom gave him a hug. “I was completely engulfed in eagle wings,” he recalled. The first trailer for Peacemaker featured Eagly giving a similar hug to Cena’s antihero.
Eagly may be Peacemaker’s best friend and a supportive ally, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else in Smith’s team is also a positive force. Freddie Stroma’s Adrian Chase/Vigilante wants to follow in Smith’s footsteps as a “hero,” but according to Gunn, the character is a “sociopath.” Despite this, Vigilante isn’t completely without his strengths. “He’s a worse version of Peacemaker in many ways, but also not without things that we can like about him,” Gunn said.
The first three episodes of Peacemaker are streaming now on HBO Max.
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