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It was Howard Eskin’s turn on Thursday morning to make his pitch to Angelo Cataldi for WIP’s Pick the QB, explaining who he feels the Eagles should pursue for their starting quarterback in 2022.
Eskin’s pick? Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, a decision that began with some skepticism about Jalen Hurts’ ability to improve into an elite quarterback.
“Deshaun Watson would be my choice for multiple reasons,” Eskin said. “We start with Jalen Hurts. Nice quarterback, but when you see all the other quarterbacks around who have gotten deep into the playoffs, I don’t believe Jalen Hurts can reach that level to take the Eagles to the next level.”
Watson did not play in the 2021 season as he is currently facing 22 civil lawsuits, as well as a criminal investigation, for alleged sexual misconduct. Watson is expected to play next season, but will likely face a multi-game suspension. The Eagles had interest in Watson last offseason, according to Eskin, and were willing to trade all three first-round picks.
Whether it will still cost all three first-rounds picks remains to be seen, but it is Watson’s age (26-years old) and elite skills that has Eskin viewing him as the top choice for the Eagles.
“He is the quarterback that is arguably one of the seven best quarterbacks in the league, he is a young guy, he will be the guy for the next 10 years whereas none of the other quarterbacks will,” Eskin said. “If you can get him, and Houston is forced into something for less than three first-round picks, he is the guy.”

There will be a final vote on February 24th and then Angelo will declare his winner quarterback on Friday, February 25th. All of the polls and content are available at
Jon Marks: Russell Wilson
Ike Reese: Jalen Hurts
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