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And it was pretty cool.
Four years already?
It felt like just yesterday when we saw the impossible come to life. A championship moment that I truly never thought I’d have the pleasure of experiencing in my lifetime.
The day that Doug Pederson, Nick Foles, and the Philadelphia Eagles vanquished Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots.
I’ll always remember sitting in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium in disbelief, watching midnight green confetti fall to the field below. Thankfully, there’s a Vince Lombardi Trophy that resides at the NovaCare Complex to remind us all it really happened.
Take a trip down memory lane with us, if you’d like, and share your favorite Super Bowl LII memories, pictures, videos, etc. in the comments below.
If you’re looking to relive the Eagles winning the Super Bowl through BGN’s coverage, you can click here for that. Call me extremely biased but there are a lot of good posts in there; I’m proud of how our Super Bowl coverage aged.
Also check out Shamus Clancy’s retrospective for From The Bleachers on BGN Radio.


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