Ukraine Russia war fact check: Ukraine-Russia conflict misinformation in Nigeria –

Wia dis foto come from, Screen Grab
Wia dis foto come from, BBC Disinformation Unit
Viral foto of one young girl confronting one soldier don flood Nigerian social media following di Russia invasion of Ukraine.
Social media users share di foto dey use am to show example of bravery for di face of overwhelming crisis wey dey happun for Ukraine.
But dis foto no be from Ukraine.
Di fotos na from Palestine and di young girl for di foto na Ahed Tamini, wey be 11 years.
For 2012, dem take di foto of di Tamini dey confront one Israeli soldier.
Dis foto, and one blurry video wey show di same incident continue to spread on social media in Nigeria.
E fit dey difficult to authenticate images like di above sake of di number of foto wey dey come out of Ukraine.
But e dey important to note say di weather conditions and di dress of di young girl indicate say dem no fit take am for Ukraine.
Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images
President Vladimir Putin and Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu during one Victory Day parade
For Ukraine now, na winter for Ukraine and di weather conditions na at about 3 degree.
Di uniform of di soldier and gun wey im dey carry na another marker say di soldier no be Russian.
Another foto wey dey make di rounds for Nigeria na dat of former world heavy weight boxer Vitali Klitschko
For di foto, Klitschko wey be current mayor of Ukraine capital city Kiev, dey in combat fatigue dey pose wit a machine gun.
Wia dis foto come from, BBC Disinformation unit
Dis foto na real foto of oga Klitschko, meanwhile dem bin first share am on im Instagram page for March 2021.
Another misleading information wey dey go viral, dis time on WhatsApp, for Nigeria na fotos from 4 August 2020.
Dis na foto of wen one large quantity of stored ammonium nitrate explode for di Port of Beirut for Lebanon.
Pipo share dis particular image wit suggestion say e dey show di impact of Russian bombing for Ukraine.
One video footage from Ukraine war wit Separatists for di Donbass region from 2014 also dey widely shared on Twitter for Nigeria say na from di current kasala.
Wia dis foto come from, BBC Disinformation Unit
E get oda posts wey dey suggest say di Russian President don threaten to attack Nigeria.
Some of dis posts mistranslate Vladimir Putin speeches or edit captions on videos/foto of Putin to say "Nigeria na Next".
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