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No. No. No.
If you cover the Philadelphia Eagles for a living, it's become second nature to understand the question is coming.
When any big name becomes available, the first thing the football-passionate fans of Philadelphia have is will their favorite team bring in the recognizable name?
The answer is not always a firm negative but in the case of Dallas receiver Amari Cooper, it's a very confident "no."
Cooper, 27, isn't free just yet but Dallas, which is up against it from a salary-cap perspective, is expected to release the four-time 1,000-yard receiver in the coming days because he is owed $20 million in guaranteed money by March 20, the fourth day of the new league year.
Copper is also coming off a bit of a down season for him with 68 receptions for 865 yards and 8 touchdowns over 15 games.
From a pure football perspective, Cooper is an obvious fit for the Eagles, who need to add playmakers in a modern NFL that demands multiple explosive offensive options to be consistently successful.
The Eagles will certainly make the call if Cooper becomes available and do all the due diligence necessary, a staple of Howie Roseman's management philosophy.
However, Cooper, who turns 28 in June, is still at a stage in his career to demand big money although that is secondary and always comes down to evaluation from a team's viewpoint.
In other words, if Philadelphia believes Cooper is still that high-level, consistent 1,000-yard threat who is one of the sharpest route-runners in the NFL it has the ability to pay Cooper.
What most miss, though, in these kinds of situations is the other side of the table and what the player might want.
While money is always No. 1 in that conversation, Cooper should still get plenty of that and multiple years wherever he might land but big-name WRs also want the football, and until the Eagles put together a more explosive passing offense they will not be in the mix for players like Cooper unless the market simply isn't there for the player.
There is at least an outside chance of the market being tepid and if that's the case the fact that Cooper is an Alabama alum certainly wouldn't hurt the Eagles, who bring Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith to the table.
Dallas, however, would be doing Cooper a favor by making this decision early in the process when multiple teams will have the ability to pay big money.
More so, when Nick Sirianni shifted his offense to better utilize Hurts' skills last season the vast majority of traffic in the passing game went to Dallas Goedert and Smith with Quez Watkins, Jalen Reagor, and the other options out of the backfield existing on the leftover scraps.
Cooper would obviously supplant Watkins as the WR2 and might even push Smith, entering his second season, for the headliner role. No matter how it shook out, however, the WR2 would not be happy with his workload unless the offense changes dramatically, something unlikely to happen unless the Eagles make a move at the quarterback position.
Cooper is expected to have too many suitors to even think about a complementary role in a run-heavy offense.
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