Nigeria's electricity grid collapses second time in less than 48 hours – Guardian Nigeria

Barely 24 hours after the nation’s electricity crashed at about 10:40 am on Monday, the grid collapsed again Tuesday evening.
Most Distribution Companies (DIsCos) already issued a note to their customers about the situation.
A note issued by Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) and sent to The Guardian showed that the system collapse occurred at 5.10pm.
“As a result of this unfortunate development, all our outgoing feeders are out and supply to our customers in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo States has been affected,” Head, Corporate Communications, EEDC, Emeka Ezeh said.
According to him, DisCos have been on standby, awaiting further directive from the National Control Centre (NCC) for the restoration of supply.
The spokesperson for the government-controlled Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Ndidi Mba did not immediately respond to an enquiry on the development.
The national grip had remained epileptic with a mere 2,000 megawatts of electricity in the past month.
Eko Electricity Distribution Company had also taken to its Twitter handle announcing to its customers.
“We would like to inform you of another system collapse on the National Grid which occurred at 5:10 pm today. We are monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates,” EKEDC said.
The electricity situation in the country has been in its worst moment since the past months as generation capacity dropped to 2,000 megawatts with about 14 power plants shutting down.
This is not the first time the grid will be collapsing. Since 2013 when the sector was privatized, the grid has failed electricity consumers more than 130 times.
While TCN had last year said grid collapse happen globally, the collapse of the power supply, each time it occurs, comes with a huge economic loss for consumers, especially commercial entities.

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