Oral Health Day: Expert advises Nigerians on dental care – Guardian Nigeria

The Nigerian Dental Association (NDA) has stressed the need for Nigerians to embrace good oral hygiene.
NDA Chairman, Oyo State Chapter, Dr. Adesola Odofin, spoke ahead of today’s World Oral Health Day, celebrated every March 20 globally, to educate the public on benefits of a healthy mouth and to create awareness on issues surrounding oral health, as well as to promote oral hygiene.
She encouraged everyone to take tangible action towards oral health, adding that poor oral health could negatively affect one’s confidence, social skills, as well as potentials for the future. 
She said: “Many people are not proud of their mouth. They barely smile in public because of the bad state of their teeth. They lack confidence to talk freely. Oral health is, therefore, important to one’s general health and wellbeing.
“When you have a good oral hygiene, it boosts your confidence. You need to pay attention to oral health. Brush your teeth twice daily. Prioritise regular dental check-ups, twice in a year, because the ‘health of the mouth is the health of the whole body’.”
She decried that Nigerians do not care about oral health, until they have issues.
She revealed that major causes of the oral health include: periodontal diseases; halitosis; dental caries; heart caries; tooth loss; candidiasis and others.
Odofin urged Nigerians to stop the use of self-medications and concoctions to treat oral diseases.
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