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Red carpet events, trips around the world, popping nightlife, Lagos socialites live the Lasgidi experience every day.
Building empires for themselves, managing their homes and raising children while maintaining their opulent lifestyle, the Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOL) live the Eko-Miami dream every day.
In the first Nigerian instalment of the global Real Housewives Franchise, the RHOL follows the extravagant, luxury lives of six Lagos socialites. In this drama-filled reality show, viewers follow the behind-the-scenes of their high-end shopping sprees, parties and competition within their social circles as they spill all the tea about Lekki living.
Toyin Lawani

CEO of Tiannah’s Place Empire, Toyin Lawani, has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian fashion and entertainment industry. Known for clothing many Nigerian celebrities, the newly married mom of three is known for her daring fashion styles, creativity and transformer outfits that ever so often grace the red carpet of many Nigerian award shows and events.
She tells Guardian Life that she has taken time to crack the secrets behind relevancy, figuring out strategic and productive ways to take advantage of the platform she has.
In her words, “I am a businesswoman, and behind all that fiasco, I use drama to sell my business.”
Starring in her second reality TV show, Tiannah encourages fans to look out for her in the show.
“There’s only one Tiannah,” and to be a Real Housewife of Lagos, “Lagos has to be in your bloodstream.”
Chioma Ikokwu

Lawyer and co-founder of luxury Hair brand Good Hair Limited, Brass & Copper Restaurant & Lounge, Chioma Good Hair also runs a men and women-focused charity called the “Goodway foundation.”
Known for her stylish fashion sense and exquisite outfit choices, Chioma has built a large following across social media, doubling as a fashion icon to many Nigerian women.
A well-known shopping enthusiast, Chioma’s outfit choices always include high-end fashion brands and designer accessories, all of which testify to her being the premium Lagos babe that she is, which we expect to see on the show.
A cast member on the RHOL but unmarried, she describes being a RHOL as being a “boss babe” and proudly reveals that “that’s her thing”.
Bringing her authentic, untainted self to the show, Chioma says she believes the show would showcase the culture and enjoyment Lagos/Lagosians are known for. She also notes that viewers would see her realness, changing several assumptions about her, such as “she prefers tequila to champagne and she can cook indomie.”
She tells us, “I’ll definitely be serving the style but don’t come for me. Period!”
Describing herself as spontaneous, Chioma is always ready for anything. “I’m very spontaneous, and I just go with the flow and get with the program. I feel like most Nigerians are very curious and sceptical. They’re almost suspicious, and they want to make sure it’s the right way. For me, I just do it.”
Iyabo Ojo

Renowned actress, entrepreneur and CEO of Fepris Limited, Iyabo Ojo is another Real Housewife of Lagos. The divorced mum of two describes a RHOL as “a force to reckon with, a fashion icon and just a lovely person.”
With over 25 years of acting experience, fans have seen different sides of Iyabo Ojo, but on this show, she brings her fun, bubbly personality urging everyone to expect to see the real her. And not just that, she’s ready to serve style and drama as she expresses herself not only with her words but also with her fashion sense.
Not forgetting her roots, the Yoruba actress urges viewers to expect to hear some Yoruba, which is her trademark form of expressing herself.
Unlike other instalments of the Real Housewives Franchise, she says that she knows this would be different, which is why she was very excited about the cast because “African women have got an attitude. We’ve got drama and a great fashion sense. So, it’s gonna be different.”
Carolyna Hutchings

Formerly Carolyna Danjuma, she is the CEO of Hutchings Limited, a real estate, oil and gas and agriculture company. A mother of three, the former actress makes her return to TV vis-a-vis the show.
Her decision to come back was largely fueled by her desire to meet and connect with other like-minded influential women. Redefining the meaning of Housewife, Carolyna Hutchings describes a RHOL as “a financial advisor. She is a homemaker. She’s an electrician. She’s a plumber. She’s literally everything in one. She’s the organiser. She’s a CEO. She’s the MD.”
Revealing that viewers should expect to see her brutally honest side, she says, “I am 100 per cent about what I like and what I don’t like. I think I’ve been very blunt about that. When I’m happy, you see it, that I’m happy, and when I’m not happy, I don’t hide my words.”
Hutchings knows that joining the RHOL cast must have come as a surprise to many people. And she thinks that letting them into her very private life would stand out for many viewers.
She tells Guardian Life that the show brings out the real personalities of people. “You know, you think you know someone, then when they come on the show, it seems like they are totally different.”
Laura Ikeji

Entrepreneur, social media influencer and mom of two, Laura Ikeji is not new to drama. Making headlines every other week, Laura has since evolved from being just Linda Ikeji’s sister, carving a niche for herself as an author, fashion enthusiast, content creator and a wonderful mom.
Describing her personal style, she uses the words “futuristic, young, fun, edgy and vogue.” For Laura, RHOL allows viewers to see their favs for who they really are beyond their social media pages.
She hints that if the show lacks anything, it’s definitely not drama “Also, Lagos is full of lies, pretence, and backstabbing. I think you guys are going to see that on the show a lot.”

Known for her carefully-curated Travel content, Mariam Timmer is a PR expert and chief executive director at Six Sixteen Agency. A Youtuber, the mom of one, also works as a creative director for Lure Fashion Limited, an online retail fashion line.
In true Eko-Miami living, she serves high fashion, luxury and drama on the ROHL, giving viewers all the exclusive down-low gists.
A first-of-its-kind show, the Real Housewives of Lagos, creates raised expectations for DRAMA! ‘Eko o ni baje o!’
Keep a date with RHOL exclusively on Showmax as it airs every Friday in over 40 African countries from 8 April 2022.
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