Together, we can save Nigeria – TheCable

Every living Nigerian has something unique to contribute towards Nigeria’s salvation, rebirth and greatness.
Most Nigerians don’t know this simple truth,
They see the problems of Nigeria as too overwhelming.
They see themselves as too weak to make any meaningful impact no matter how hard they try to save dying Nigeria.
So, they voluntarily rule themselves out of the champions of Nigeria’s redemption, renewal and restoration.
Every Nigerian has something to offer,
for the Eagle to fly again.
For our national colours to sparkle again, and,
For the sleeping Giant of Africa to be great again,
The effort of one will never be enough.
To heal her festering sore,
The efforts of all are the requirement she needs,
To nurse her gently back to healing, health and hope.
The time to start is now.
Hand in hand, all of us,
Toe to toe in one accord
Nigeria can be saved
If we try, expunging doubt, that lurks within
And despair, that our hearts enslaved.
Nigeria will be saved, the time is now.
No longer can we afford to wait,
Our tomorrow started,
the day before yesterday, and we are already late.
Late to wallow in sorrow,
Late to waste scarce time debating and despairing,
Late for endless waiting
for change only us can deliver.
Nigeria shall be saved,
the captors’ grip we must loose,
The oppressors’ chain we must break,
The downward slide we must hedge,
The dying hope, we must revive,
The fading glory we must restore.
Yet we stand none to achieve,
Except if together we choose,
as one to arise, our land to save.
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